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Harrison News


All 2nd Installment and Additional Property Tax Bills are due by July 31 2017 and are payable to CALUMET COUNTY TREASURER. 
Please mail them to:
Calumet County Treasurer
206 Court St
Chilton WI 53014-1198


The "Summer Fun in the Park" Ice Cream Social (presented by the Kiwanis Club of Darboy) is rescheduled for Wednesday Aug 23rd 5:30-7:30pm at Darboy Community Park.


RESIDENTS: Please be aware that the Village will have construction crews out performing crack filling on the streets the week of July 17 – July 28, 2017. These streets will remain open to traffic throughout the crack filling process. Crack filling will be performed on the following roads and streets:
  1. Harrison Rd.
  2. Ertl Rd.
  3. Woodland Rd.
  4. S. Coop Rd.
  5. Wilz Ct.
  6. Royal Troon Dr.
  7. Midway Rd.
  8. Pigeon Rd.
  9. Stommel Rd.
  10. Nettie Dr.
  11. Jonsch Dr.
  12. Nolan Dr.
  13. Highline Rd.
  14. Manitowoc Rd.
  15. Coop Rd.
  16. Noe Rd.
  17. Cliff Dr.
  18. Patti Ct.
  19. Tom Ct.
  20. Shepard Ln.
  21. Gina Dr.
  22. Michelle Way
  23. Macky Dr.
  24. Anna Ct.
  25. Mark Ct.
  26. Handel Dr.
  27. Vans Rd.
  28. Rustic Ln.
  29. Mile Long Dr.
  30. Mutzy Way
  31. Brandon Way
  32. Bailey Dr.
  33. Logan Ln.
  34. Dusty Dr.
  35. Evan St.
  36. Clover Ridge Tr.
  37. White Clover Cir.
  38. Colin St.
  39. Red Clover Tr.
  40. Trailwood Ln.
  41. Hidden Trail Ln.
  42. Tannery Ln.
  43. Sweet Pea Dr.
  44. Bouquet Dr.
  45. Sweet Clover Dr.
  46. Easter Lily Dr.
  47. Phlox Dr.
  48. Sweet William Dr.
Thank You.
Village of Harrison Public Works Department.

2016 TAX BILLS TO BE RE-ISSUED | 07/06/2017

(FROM JANUARY 19 2017) 2016 Tax Bills to be Re-Issued

The Village of Harrison, in conjunction with the Calumet County Treasurer’s Office, will re-issue the 2016 Tax Bills due to a clerical error in the computation of the tax roll. Levy amounts related to the TID were not accurately reported and they must be corrected.
Residents in the Appleton, Kaukauna, Hilbert, and Stockbridge School Districts will see a $0.19 increase per thousand of your assessed value (a $38.00 increase on a $200,000 home).
Residents in the Kimberly School District will see a $0.43 increase per thousand of your assessed value (an $86.00 increase on a $200,000 home).
At this time, we do not know when the revised bills will be mailed out. The County Treasurer is working with the database programmers and we should have an answer soon.
We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this error has caused and we are working closely with the County and State to ensure this does not happen in the future.


The Wisconsin Elections Commission has mailed postcards to approximately 380,000 registered voters in the state who  have not voted in the past four years. This mailing is in accordance with election laws that require inactive voters to be removed from the state’s voter list- it is not a scam. If you receive the postcard and have any questions, please contact Jennifer Weyenberg, Village and Town Clerk, at 989-1062 or

STOLEN SIGNS | 06/06/2017

We recently had a large Village Population sign, Street Sign and Stop Sign stolen near State Park & KK.  Please watch for and report any suspicious acitivty to the Calumet County Sheriff Dept at 920-849-2335.

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