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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to each person who owns, occupies or controls land in the Town of Harrison or Village of Harrison, to destroy all Canada thistle, leafy spurge and field bindweed (Creeping Jenny) in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 66.0407.
All other weeds and grass shall be kept cut to a height of not to exceed eight inches on improved lands and ten inches on unimproved lands. As provided in Chapter 12 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances, the clerk shall cause a written notice to be served upon the owner or occupant of such real estate stating that unless such weeds are cut or otherwise properly destroyed, the Town or Village will cause such weeds to be cut and the expense included in the taxes to be collected on such real estate.


General information - Kevin Lambie - 920-716-6996

Diamond scheduling - Rob Fredericks - 920-213-1990

Little League & Babe Ruth - Chuck Stumpf - 920-475-3579


Tuesday night coed league - John Delie - 920-585-1876

Wednesday night Men's 14" league - Kevin Lambie - 920-716-6996

Thursday night Men's 14" league - Mike Mader - 920-378-4202


Coed Buzzball softball tournament - June 2, 3, 4 - Rob Fredericks - 920-213-1990

Girls fast pitch tournament - July 7, 8, 9 - Kevin Lambie - 920-716-6996

Little League & Babe Ruth - July 17 thru 23 - Chuck Stumpf - 920-475-3579

Men's 14 inch softball tournament - August 25, 26, 27 - Eric Bockhorn - 920-428-2872

Coed bean bag and swingball tournament - August 26 - Becky Schaefer - 920-810-0151


News from the March 28, 2017 Board Meeting:

The Village of Harrison Board formally approved a Contract for Services with Calumet County to reissue corrected property tax bills to Village of Harrison residents to include an amount of $265,337.22 on the tax roll not originally billed. Under the terms of the agreement, the County shall calculate the Village residents’ additional taxes based on the TIF documentation and print bills for each taxpayer, which will include the original amount billed, the new amount billed, and the difference between the two amounts.


The deadline for payment will be July 31, 2017. Printing and mailing of the tax bills will be done by the Calumet County Treasurer. We do not have specific dates or the amounts owed as of today. We will continue to update our website as more information becomes available.



We have recently had numerous street signs being stolen.  Please watch for and report any suspicious acitivty to the Calumet County Sheriff Dept at 920-849-2335.

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