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Harrison News

Recycle Pickup Delayed | 07/29/2016

If your recycling did not get picked up on Thursday July 28th please leave it out.  Advanced Disposal had an issue with their truck and will be back out today, Friday July 29th.

2nd Installment (Real Property Tax) Due July 31st  | 07/20/2016

If you choose to pay your taxes in two installments, the first installment is due to your local treasurer by January 31st, and the 2nd installment is due to the Calumet County Treasurer by July 31st. Payments that are mailed: must be postmarked no later than the payment due date. Payments that are hand delivered must be to the proper treasurer by the due date.

Beware of Election-Related Mailings | 06/17/2016

With the fall elections just around the corner, political groups will be stepping up their efforts to get citizens registered to vote and/or absentee voting. While the effort is commendable the information they send is often misleading or incomplete. It is not uncommon for these groups to mail out postcards, voter registration forms, or absentee ballot applications with our return address pre-printed on it. Instructions often direct you to “just sign your name and drop in the mail.” PLEASE LOOK AT THESE FORMS VERY CLOSELY. Proof of Residency is required to be submitted along with a voter registration. Proof of Identification (aka Photo ID) is required when requesting an absentee ballot. These bits of information are not promoted in their mailings but are REQUIRED in order for your voter registration or absentee ballot request to be processed.
It has also come to the attention of Clerks across the state that these political groups are sending mass mailings to inactive or deceased voters. Representatives from our Clerk’s Association have tried to work with these groups and urged them to improve their processes so that these situations can be avoided, but to no avail. If you receive such a mailing on behalf of a family member please disregard it and know that it was not generated from the Town/Village of Harrison. Our office keeps up-to-date databases and would never solicit voter information of any type.
The best way to prepare yourself for the upcoming elections is to verify your voter information at This useful website will provide you with sample ballots, voter registration status, and polling locations.

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