The Department of Public Works oversees the roadways and public right-of-ways and is responsible for snow removal , mowing, road repairs, and equipment maintenance. This includes approximately 100 miles of public roads in addition to many more miles of trails, ditches, and ponds. The department provides maintenance and repairs to the public parks and trail system. The department employs a Public Works Director, Operations Manager, 4 full-time laborers, and many seasonal employees to manage Harrison’s infrastructure and to oversee the yard waste facility.

Road Superintendent

Bob Kesler

Utility Permits


Standard Specifications Manual for Storm Sewer & Street Construction


Road Right-of-Way Information

The right-of-way on most town roads is a 66’ wide path dedicated to the town for roads and their maintenance. On town roads with curb and gutter, the right-of-way typically equals 37’ hard surface plus approximately 14.5’ of terrace on each side. On town roads with ditches, the right-of-way typically equals 30’ hard surface plus approximately 18’ditch/terrace on each side. This entire area is not private nor personally owned property, but rather public property controlled by the town. Any alterations taking place within the road right-of-way (besides placement of mailboxes or mowing) must first be approved by the town for town roads, county for county roads, and D.O.T. for state roads and highways. Please call the shop number if you are unsure whether or not you will be working within the right-of-way.