Motor Oil Disposal

There is a motor oil drop off on the south side of the Harrison Municipal Garage. Residents are able to leave motor oils here for safe disposal.
Click here for other used motor oil and oil filter recycling locations

Calumet County Hazardous Waste Disposal Program

2018 Hazardous Waste and Electronics Disposal

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Advanced Disposal Landfill, Calumet County, and the Town & Village of Harrison have coordinated to offer local drop off options for the safe disposal of hazardous wastes and used electronics. 
HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL: Dates and times for hazardous waste drop off programs being held at the Harrison Municipal Complex are:

  • Friday April 27, 9-11am Harrison Garage
  • Saturday August 4,  9-11am Harrison Garage

Appointments are required to participate.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, click HERE or call the Harrison office at 920-989-1062.  There are additional dates available at other locations; see the website for details.  Hazardous wastes are products whose labels include the words caution, poison, combustible, danger, warning, flammable, or corrosive.  Hazardous wastes that can be brought to the disposal program include, but are not limited to, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, rodent baits, lead and oil based paints, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, bug sprays, old gasoline, transmission fluid and antifreeze.  Latex paint IS NOT ACCEPTED.  
ELECTRONICS: Waste electronics such as televisions, computers, VCR’s and household appliances will be collected at a separate event.  No appointments are required for these events, and participants are likely to experience a wait in line. The event is being held on Wednesday, June 13th at the Harrison Garage from 1-6pm.  There is a fee for any television or computer monitor; other items can be dropped off for free.