FAQ’s Regarding the Amended Tax Bills

Q: I received an amended tax bill from Calumet County.  Is this a scam?
A: It is not a scam. The Village Board authorized the County Treasurer’s office to issue amended tax bills due to a clerical error in the computation of the final tax roll. The additional amount due is listed in the bottom right corner of the bill and is due by July 31st. Please mail payments to 206 Court St., Chilton WI 53014.
Q: Did everyone in the village receive an amended bill?
A: Yes, each parcel owner that received a tax bill in December 2016 has been issued an amended bill.
Q: How did this happen and whose fault is this?
A: The error is specific to the calculation of the TID value increment. The apportioned levies that were used for Calumet County, Village of Harrison, Kimberly School District, and Fox Valley Technical College did not include the adjusted TID value increment. There is no single person at fault in the error; it was a misunderstanding of how the TID information reported to the WI Dept. of Revenue is shared with all of the jurisdictions.
Q: Why wasn’t I notified of this?
A: The error on the tax roll was discussed at the January 13th, February 28th, and March 28th village board meetings. The Times-Villager newspaper also reported on the error and the amended tax bills. The village’s website at www.harrison-wi.org has had information regarding the amended taxes posted since mid-January.
Q: Was it really necessary to send out amended bills? The amount due on my  bill is relatively small.
A:  In total, the error resulted in a shortfall of $265,337.22 that was part of the approved budget.
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