Bartending License

You will need documentation of completion of an approved server education course


Current Liquor License or Liquor License from no more than two years prior.

A local, state, and federal background check will be completed on all applicants and will be approved or denied based on those findings. Approved licenses will be mailed to the applicant.

All licenses expire on June 30th; you can choose for it to be the upcoming June 30th (1 year) or the following June 30th (2 year)

Cost for License to Serve: $35.00 for 1 year, $50.00 for 2 year.

Cost for Provisional License is $15.00 (This is an immediate, temporary license. Provisional licenses are required in addition to the License to Serve if you will be serving prior to approval of your application)

Application(PDF, 466KB)

(PDF, 449KB)Policy Guidelines(PDF, 126KB)