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Harrison is located on the scenic northeast shores of Lake Winnebago, incorporating a satisfying blend of urban and rural settings. It was chartered in 1853 as the Town of Lima and became the Town of Harrison in 1858. Since the first Town meeting on the "Pratt farm" south of Sherwood, the Town of Harrison has become a growing community.

In 2013, the residents in the northwest portion of the town voted to incorporate a portion of the town into the Village of Harrison. This referendum passed by a vote of 984 For a Village and 114 Against a Village. Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette, certified the incorporation on March 8th, 2013.

After the incorporation, both the Village of Harrison and the Town of Harrison entered into a boundary agreement that reunified both the Town of Harrison and the Village of Harrison into one community known as the Village of Harrison. 

The Village of Harrison encompasses approximately 32 sq. miles and has a population of 13,185.