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Village Planner
Mark Mommaerts, AICP

Subdivisions and Land Divisions
The purpose of the Subdivision and Land Division review is to promote orderly growth and development within the Village; to further the orderly layout and use of land; to afford adequate, safe, convenient means of traffic circulation for the public; to provide for proper ingress and egress; to provide for adequate light and air; to prevent the overcrowding of land; to protect vegetation; and to facilitate adequate but economical provisions for water, sewerage and other public improvements.
Land Division Application

Site Plan Review
The purpose of Site Plan Review is to protect and foster public health, safety and welfare through safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing design. The Site Plan Review process in intended to help ensure that newly developed properties, expanded structures or redeveloped properties are compatible with adjacent development and safety, traffic, overcrowding and environmental problems are minimized to the extent possible; to protect property values and the property tax base; to protect the beauty and amenities of landscapes and developments; and fulfill its vision to preserve farmland, wetlands, shoreland areas, woodlands, wildlife habitats, open spaces and scenic views while promoting the Village's goals, objectives, and polices for its physical growth and change as expressed in the Zoning Ordinance and the Village Comprehensive Plan.  The Site Plan Review process applies to all new, or expansion of, multi-family, commercial, institutional and recreational, and industrial development.
Site Plan Review Application 

Storm Water Management & Erosion Control 
The Village finds that the management of stormwater and other surface water discharge within and beyond Lake Winnebago and the Fox River is a matter that affects the health, safety and welfare of the area, its citizens and businesses and others in the surrounding area. Failure to effectively manage stormwater affects the sanitary sewer utility operations of the area by, among other things, increasing the likelihood of infiltration and inflow in the sanitary sewer. In addition, surface water runoff may create erosion of lands, threaten businesses and residences with water damage, and create sedimentation and other environmental damage in Lake Winnebago and the Fox River. Those elements of the system which provide for the collection of and disposal of stormwater and regulation of groundwater are of benefit and provide services to all property within the area.  The Storm Water Management and Erosion Control Permit review applies to all new, or expansion of, multi-family, commercial, institutional and recreational, and industrial development.  Single Family and Two-Family permits are covered under the Building Permit, please contact the Building Inspector for more information on 1- & 2-family permits.
Storm Water Management & Erosion Control Application