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Mark Mommaerts, AICP

Harrison Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Maps

Permits and Applications
Zoning Permit Application
Map Amendment (Rezoning) Application
Conditional Use Permit Application
Variance/Appeal Application
Home Occupation/Business application
Signs application
Solar Energy application
Temporary Uses & Structures application
Demolition Permit
Moving Building Permit
Temporary Use/Structure Permit
Short Term Rental

Zoning Permit Questions
Not sure if you need to have a zoning permit for your project? Review the Do I Need a Zoning Permit brochure or download one of the project specific brochures below. If you still have questions, please contact the Village Planner.
Sheds & Detached Garages
Patios & Driveways
Do I need a zoning permit

Notice of Proposed Ordinance or Zoning Action
As required by the State of Wisconsin, the Village of Harrison maintains a list of persons who submit a request to receive notice of any proposed ordinance or zoning action that affects the allowable use of the person’s property.
If the Plan Commission completes action on any zoning proposal, and the Village Board is prepared to vote on the zoning ordinance, the Village Board shall send a notice, which contains a copy or summary of the proposed zoning ordinance, to each person on the list whose property, the allowable use of which, may be affected by the zoning ordinance. The notice shall be by mail or in any reasonable form that is agreed to. The Village Board may charge each person on the list who receives a notice by first class mail a fee that does not exceed the approximate cost of providing the notice to the person. An ordinance may take effect even if the Village fails to send the notice. (Wisconsin Statues Section 61.35 and 62.23(7)(d)(4).)

To request to be added to the notification list please send an email to  Please title the email "Zoning Change Notification List" and include your name, address, email, phone, and any special requests (ie prefer postal mail or email) in the body of the email.