Election Information


 2024 Elections


Spring Primary (if needed)

February 20

Spring Election &
Presidential Preference

April 2

Partisan Primary (if needed)

August 13

General & Presidential Election      

November 5


Spring Election Results for Village Trustee:

   Village Trustee    Village Hall    Christ the Rock   Total     
Scott Handschke            316          668    984
Joseph W. Mueller        254          356    610
Mark Van Hefty        394          681   1075
Mike Brantmeier        447          683   1130
Pete Stier        182          366    548
Write-In          6           20     26

(all other race results are reported on the Calumet County website)

The Village of Harrison had zero (0) provisional ballots.

The Village issued 944 absentee ballots, 786 were counted, 2 were rejected for insufficient certifications, and 156 were not received prior to the close of the polls at 8:00 pm.

Polling Locations:

The Village of Harrison has two (2) polling locations based on ward:

Christ the Rock Church
W6254 US HWY 10/114
Wards: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, & 13 

Harrison Village Hall
W5298 State Road 114
Wards 10, 11, 12, & 14 

If you know what school district (SD) your Harrison address is in:
Appleton SD - votes at Christ the Rock Church
Hilbert SD, Kaukauna SD, & Stockbridge SD - votes at Harrison Village Hall
Kimberly SD ward 11 - votes at Harrison Village Hall
Kimberly SD wards 3, 6, 7, 9, & 13 - vote at Christ the Rock Church

Confirm your ward and polling location on myvote.wi.gov.

Polling Locations are open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on election day.

Spring Election & Presidential Preference April 2, 2024

The "ballot" for this election day is essentially 2 ballots in one. It combines the local (county, village, and school) races along with the presidential preference race. For the local races, the seats are all non-partisan (no political party). Therefore, all candidates are on one list and the voter can select anyone they want. The Presidential race is a partisan seat (candidates are affiliated to a political party) and thus each of the political parties has its own list of candidates. Voters may vote for a candidate from ONLY ONE PARTY. Voting for someone from each list of candidates in the presidential race will reject both of your choices and neither will be counted.

Some local races have more than one seat open on a board or office. Voters can select up to the number of seats available, look for "vote for 1" or "vote for up to 2" etc. printed above the candidate lists.

Village of Harrison Contest: 
The Village Board has three trustee's terms ending in April 2024 and the candidates running to fill those seats include: Scott Handschke*, Joseph W. Mueller, Mark Van Hefty*, Mike Brantmeier*, and Pete Stier. Voters may vote for up to 3 candidates. (*incumbent)

Sample Ballots:
Sample ballots, when available, may be viewed at the Village Hall, myvote.wi.gov, or Click here for Sample Ballots(PDF, 13MB) .


Voter Registration: (The following are general guidelines for the general public. For complete guidelines/exceptions visit myvote.wi.gov or contact the Village Clerk)

  • Anyone that is a new voter OR has not voted in the past 4 years OR has changed their name or address since the last time they voted, must complete a voter registration application(PDF, 89KB).
  • To register or update a registration, voters need to provide the following:
    1. Unexpired Wisconsin driver’s license or Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card number and expiration date (if expired or voter does not have either of these, only then are the last 4-digits of their Social Security Number acceptable).
    2. Proof of Residency document showing the voter's current name & address (recent bank statement, utility bill, etc.).
  • Voters may register or update a registration online at myvote.wi.gov (voter's information must match their information on the WI DMV database), by mail, in the Clerk's office, or at the polls on Election Day.
  • Deadline to register online or by mail is Wednesday, March 13, 2024
  • Deadline to register at the Clerk's office is 5:00 pm on Friday, March 29, 2024 (Note, the office will be closed for ALL other business on this day due to the holiday.)
  • There is NO voter registration or in-person absentee voting the day before an election.


Absentee Voting:

  • Request an absentee ballot on myvote-wi.gov. Applications(PDF, 836KB) may also be mailed to the clerk's office at any time during the election year, or completed in person at the clerk's office during the two weeks prior to an election.
  • When returning an absentee ballot by mail: confirm the certificate envelope has the voter's signature, the witness’s signature, and witness’s full address.
  • Mail absentee ballots back at least 10 days before election day to ensure it arrives in time to be counted. Ballots received after 8:00 pm election day are not opened or counted.
  • Absentee ballots must be returned by the VOTER in person or by US Mail. Ballots left in the drop box can NOT be counted!
  • In-person absentee voting will be at the Village Hall for ALL wards. 




This user-friendly, nonpartisan, official WI Election Commission website is a great resource to easily:

  • Find polling locations
  • See what’s on a ballot
  • Register to vote
  • Update names or addresses
  • Request an absentee ballot
  • Track a ballot

Election Notices


Spring Election

Notice of Public Test of Voting Equipment(PDF, 10KB)

Notice of Spring & Presidential Preference Election Type A Notice(PDF, 117KB)

Notice of Spring Election April 2, 2024 Voting by Absentee Ballot(PDF, 117KB)

Absentee Voting at Care Partners Country Terrace(PDF, 64KB)