Fire Rescue

Harrison Fire Rescue is a volunteer, paid on-call fire department. All members have state certifications and many hold advanced certifications such as Paramedic, EMT, Emergency Services Instructor, Fire Officer, Driver Operator, Fire Inspector, and Firefighter II.

Protecting roughly 52 square miles, Harrison Fire Rescue consists of two fire stations and an EMS squad that serve the Villages of Harrison, Sherwood, and the Town of Woodville. Station 60 is in the Village of Sherwood located off Clifton Rd. Station 70 is in the Village of Harrison located off Lake Park Rd. Each fire station has a roster of 30 firefighters, while the EMS Squad has approximately 18 members based out of Station 60.

The Department provides more than fire protection and emergency medical services, we also have specialty teams including rope rescue, water rescue, and jaws extrication. The Department enjoys providing public outreach through fire prevention and community education programs.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We regularly look for good individuals to fill open vacancies. If you have the desire to volunteer within your community as a firefighter or emergency medical responder, reach out to Chief

Application for Emergency Services(PDF, 202KB)

Fire Extinguishers

When to dispose of your fire extinguisher and get a new one:
  • The pressure gauge is in the yellow or red, meaning it’s low (if there’s no pressure gauge, a professional should inspect it).
  • External damage is present like a cracked hose or nozzle, broken handle, or missing the locking pin.
  • The extinguisher is over 10 years old or has been used before.

Disposal options:
  • Do not place in your garbage or recycling. Accidental discharge may cause injuries to sanitation workers.
  • If the extinguisher is empty, you may take it to a scrap metal dealer. Call ahead for program details.
  • If the extinguisher is full or partially full, you may take it to the following for a small fee:


Message From the Chief

As Fire Chief for the Village of Harrison, it is my pleasure to represent and work with a team of dedicated men and women who proudly serve and protect the people living in, and traveling through the Villages of Harrison, Sherwood, and the Town of Woodville. I am immensely proud to work with the individuals who serve these communities and honored to be given the responsibility of leading in an environment where members constantly strive for excellence.

The foundation of Harrison Fire Rescue is simple. We believe that teamwork and having a clearly defined goal makes a difference. Our approach is one where every individual can rely upon the support and knowledge of the public safety team to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our success is made possible by the core foundational values associated with the people who make up Harrison Fire Rescue. Our members routinely find time to donate back to the community because of their generosity and mindset. Through pride and commitment, these volunteers make our emergency services a visible presence while showcasing the good our community has to offer at events such as Touch-a-Truck, Flight Night, parades, and other family events.

As leader of the Department, I am committed to ensuring an environment where the men and women who serve have opportunities to develop professionally and ultimately, apply that knowledge in practice. Having the ability to provide multiple facets of support is my philosophy of servant leadership that ultimately empowers the future leaders of this organization. I believe in facilitating and cultivating a sense of trust to capitalize on people’s strengths.

I am confident Harrison Fire Rescue will continue to provide exceptional fire protection and medical care. Our team members are not just working for the community but are a part of it!

Yours in safety,

Jarred Gerl
Fire Chief – Village of Harrison



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