Joint Review Board

Wisconsin State Statues require that a Village that seeks to create or amend a Tax Incremental District (TID), amend a project plan, have a district's tax incremental base reevaluated or incur project costs for an area that is our of a district's boundaries convene a Joint Review Board (JRB) to review the proposal. For the Village of Harrison, the membership  of the JRB includes the following,  pursuant to §66.1105(4m):

1)   A representative  chosen by the Village.
2)   A representative chosen by the County.
3)   A representative  chosen by Fox Valley Technical  College.
4)   A representative  chosen by the School District.
5) A public member chosen by the above listed members

A separate joint review board must be formed for each TID consisting of separate taxing jurisdictions. Each board must remain active for the lifetime of the respective TID.

Agendas & Minutes