Harrison Utilities

Harrison Utilities provides water & sanitary sewer serves to over 2,750 customer connections within portions of the Village of Harrison, City of Menasha, and City of Appleton.

Harrison Utilities District Boundary Map(PDF, 396KB)

Billing & Payment Options


  • Bills are calculated monthly based on meter size and volume for the service period. 
  • Bills are due the 20th of each month. Postmark dates are honored for mailed payments.
  • A 1% late fee per month will apply to all bills not paid by the due date.
  • A  $25 fee will be added for returned checks.

Payment Options


Electronic payments can be made by creating an account with Payment Service Network (PSN). PSN processes payments via Checking/Savings Account, Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal.

  • Pay immediately, schedule a one-time payment, or set up Auto-Pay. If you choose Auto-Pay, it is recommended to schedule a payment date between the 1st - 20th of the month to ensure timely payment.
  • You can view your bill and current balance.
  • PSN charges the following processing fees:
    • $1.10 for checking/savings payments
    • 3.00% for credit/debit payments + $0.50 if the amount is less than $100.
  • Call PSN's customer service (866) -917-7368 if you have questions or need assistance.
  • For name or address changes you need to "merge(PDF, 714KB) " your existing account with the new information in order to pay any outstanding amounts through PSN.
Mail • In Person • Drop Box
  • Payments can be mailed or brought to our office or placed in the 24 hour drop box. 

Harrison Utilities
N8722 Lake Park Rd
Menasha, WI 54952
(920) 989-1062 x 1

M - F 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA)

If you are unable to pay your utility bill you may contact our office to request a DPA in accordance with the  Public Service Commission Chapter 185.




Current Rate Information

Harrison's Utility rates are set by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC).

Current rates can be found on the PSC's website. On the Water/Sewer tab search for Harrison Utilities (6335).

Monthly Service Charges

Monthly service charges are calculated using four factors:

  1. Meter size (majority of meters in single family homes are 5/8")
  2. Volume of water
  3. Volume of sanitary sewer
  4. Connection size (determines the Private Fire Protection charges) 


Water Volume charge is $5.26 per 1,000 gal.
Sanitary Sewer Volume charge is $4.86 per 1,000 gal.
Public Fire Protection service charge is based on meter size.
Private Fire Protection service charge (if applicable) is based on connection size.


Public Fire Protection charges are also regulated by the PSC of Wisconsin. Information about the Public Fire Protection charge can be found on the PSC website.


24/7 Emergency Contact

(920) 585-0667


Frequently Asked Questions